gait: Cville training week 4

Monday: 3 miles on the treadmill

Tuesday: 3.8 miles. I ran during my lunch break down on the National Mall. There were some puddles and a huge mountain of snow in front of the Capitol Building, but overall good running. I did a mile warm up and a mile cool down, with two .75 mile speed sessions and a .25 recovery in between them. I aimed to run under an 8:30 pace, but ended up at 8:48 and 8:49… clearly some work to do there.

I also did an hour of flow yoga after work. My abs are sore today, not sure if it is from the running or the yoga.

Wednesday: 3 mile easy run on the treadmill

Thursday: Crafty Runner weight lifting plan. My legs didn’t feel near as tired this time. I am either getting stronger or I did lift enough… or both.

Friday: 3 slow miles in the morning. Loosening up the sore muscles from lifting.

Saturday: 8 mile long run. I finally made it back to rock creek park. Its always fun when you see black bears on your run (that are at a safe distance behind a fence). I had around 300 ft elevation gain during my run, the race has 800 ft elevation gain, so some work to do there. As I was running through Dupont circle towards the end of the run a random man called me Stephanie Prefontaine. Now I know I didn’t look anywhere as fast or smooth as Prefontaine, but it still made me smile and gave me a boost for the final mile of my run.


Sunday: Rest day

Total miles: 21


gait: Cville training week 3

I meant to take some interesting photos this week… but failed. Probably because most of my workouts were in my apartment building’s tiny gym and I don’t know what happened Saturday. I broke down and bought a new Garmin watch last week. My old Nike watch wasn’t working and although the Apps work well, I like being able to just look at my wrist at any time and see my milage and pace. I’m still figuring out all the functions…

Monday: 3 miles, 2 at an easy pace with a mile faster finish. A lot of the sidewalks are clear, but each intersection is a massive snow bank you have to climb over in order to cross the street so this was another treadmill run.

Tuesday: 5 miles, 1 mile warm up and cool down with some speed intervals in the middle. I stuck to the treadmill again as the sidewalks were still a mess.

Wednesday: Cross train day, did some Nike Training Club workouts, core and yoga

Thursday: Rest day, I really like the two days of rest right now, but starting next week I bump down to one.

Friday: 3 miles, 2 easy with a fast finish

Saturday: 6 mile long run. I finally ran outside again. It was a little cool but very sunny and most of the sidewalks were clear. I ran up Massachusetts Avenue to the Observatory clock and back, I clearly need to continue to work on running hills.

Sunday: Rest

gait: Cville training week 2

Monday: 3 miles: 2 @ easy pace, 1 @ faster pace

Tuesday: 5 miles: 1 warm up, 3 miles of intervals (3 min fast, 2 min recovery), 1 cool down

Wednesday: Cross training day, I did a weight lifting plan designed by my sister, I lifted a little heavier than my usual 5-10 lb dumbbells and felt plenty sore the following two days.

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: 3 miles outside before the Blizzard started, it was a cold run on very salty surfaces. It was supposed to be two at easy pace, with a faster finish, which I think I did just because I was cold and wanted to get home.

Saturday: 5 miles at an easy pace. I ran them on the treadmill due to the blizzard going on outside. The first time I went down to the gym there were three women looking rather comfortable on the only treadmills in our building. I did some ab work while I waited, but as it seemed they were getting in their long run I left and came back in the afternoon. Five miles go by fast when you are watching people and animals try to brave a snowstorm out the window.

Sunday: Sunday was a scheduled rest day, but with 22 inches of fresh snow on the ground I had to get out and check it out and visit some friends. We ended up walking about 9 miles in the snow, which turns out it is rather exhausting. I woke up with slightly sore legs today.

Total miles: 16

gait: Charlottesville Half Marathon

In ¬†June of 2012 I ran my first half marathon, the Zooma Annapolis. Spring 2013 I ran two half marathons, Rock ‘n Roll DC and Nike Women DC, followed by the Woodrow Wilson half that fall. Spring 2014 I again doubled up with Rock ‘n Roll DC and Nike Women DC. Then I was burnt out for awhile and didn’t race again till I tried the Marathon distance Rock ‘n Roll DC in the Spring of 2015. The marathon wasn’t the best experience of my life. Rainy, cold, and 26 miles, woof.

After 4 years of Spring long races I start to get the itch to start training around Christmastime, but after three years of Rock ‘n Roll DC and lots of running the same routes around DC I was looking to expand my racing experience back outside of the city.

I asked one of my coworkers who lives outside of DC and has done more of the regional races what his favorite spring half marathon was. His first suggestion was the Historic Half in Fredericksburg, VA, but it is in the middle of May and I was looking for an earlier race. His second recommendation was the Charlottesville Half Marathon. The April 2nd date not only is in the right time frame, but is also the weekend after my birthday, which makes it a perfect day.

Neither Brian nor I have been to Charlottesville before so exploring a new area for the race and for the weekend is also a big plus. I’ve been told the area is beautiful and hilly. While running hills is not my favorite, they do give me something to focus on while running.

I started my training this week. Other than a lunch time run I cut short on Tuesday due to the 20 degree wind chill I had a solid first week. 12 miles total, an hour of yoga, and a cross training/weights workout. I ran some hills on my four mile “long” run and I’ll definitely need to do that every week to be ready on race day.


gait: wanderlust 108

Heading in to Wanderlust I wasn’t sure what to expect. It seemed a little hippy, but also a fun day of exercising outdoors. 
One advantage to this event was that it started at 10 am. So I didn’t have to get up before the sun. A disadvantage was that it got a little hot by the time the 5K started at 11, but there was a cool breeze all day and enough shade to get out of the sun if you needed to.  

The event is billed as a Mindful Triatholon. The first stage is a 5K. The 5K was the least exciting. As I had worried the route was just around the RFK parking lot, however it was a step worse in that it was two loops! The start was a little crowded, but soon thinned out. My friend Becky found me soon after and we ran the rest of the 5K together which made the time go quickly. We finished in 27:17, not near my fastest, but that wasn’t the point now was it? 

We had a little break to cool down and pick up all the free stuff this included a yoga mat, hair ties, water bottle accessories, yogurt, chia tea, kefir, kashi, temporary tattoos, and some people got tribal painting on their bodies. We also got a headband when we checked in. 

Next up was dance yoga. What is dance yoga you ask? I didn’t know either. There was a DJ set up on stage and out walks MC Yogi. He was a great motivational speaker and had us do things like clap along to the music while in a lunge. Then we just collapsed in to a major dance party. 

Next was normal yoga, it was a good flow class but nothing special. I was worried about the meditation portion, but ended up enjoying the practice. The instructor is also a tri coach so she isn’t just about the spirit. She lead us through metta meditation where we pictured people in our lives and sent them health and happiness. 

The main part of the day was over after meditation, but I signed up for two small classes. First up was hoola hooping. She taught us how to use our hands, do a few tricks, and some yoga poses while hooping. It was fun and I only almost hurt someone with my hoop once. 

My second class was slack line. It was a pretty quick and basic class, but I learned to kneel on the line and I stood for maybe two seconds on the line. It was a lot harder than I expected. 

Overall Wanderlust 108 was a great experience and I will definitely try to check out some of their other events. 

gait: racing again

Since the Cherry Blossom 10 miler that ended up being a 9.5ish miler back in April I haven’t raced! The training for the Rock ‘n Roll DC marathon and quick turn around for the Cherry Blossom burned me out on structured training. I’ve been running here and there, but nothing too consistent or long. Earlier this summer I signed up for the Wanderlust 108, which includes a 5K, yoga and meditation. The 5K course is¬†described as “more or less 5K in length” and they “provide a timer at the start and finish line, but you’re the only one who will be keeping track”. Oh and bragging isn’t allowed… only smiles… Needless to say it won’t be the most intense race so I haven’t been motivated to train.

So I decided to register for one of my favorite DC fall races, The Parks 10K. I first ran the race in 2012 in peak running shape but fresh off of rolling my ankle the day before and PR’d in 49:54 (it was my first 10K). I ran it again in 2013 a week before a rescheduled half marathon so I was in good shape but didn’t want to push it and be tired the next week. I finished in 50:55. Last year I was at a wedding race weekend so I couldn’t run.

Running a race I’ve done twice before gives me some motivation to train and try to compete with my times and since I haven’t been racing much this year I haven’t ran around potomac park since my marathon training in February. So the scenery will be fresh too. I also convinced Brian to sign up so he’ll be racing The Parks 10K as his first 10K too.

My training was going well until I got sick this week and took a few days off, but just writing this post has made me motivated to try to finish in 50 minutes.

gait: running in Germany

I was in Germany for a few days for work. We don’t have much free time on these trips. I was in meetings from 9-7 both days and had working meals most of the time. So one way I get to see a little more of the city and get some exercise is to go for a run each morning. Since I was also battling jet lag I only did about 2.5 miles each day. I ran along the Rhine River on a very nice path that was much wider than the ones we have in the DC area. There was a clear area for bikes and a wide enough area for runners and walkers. The weather was a cool 55-65 degrees the whole time I was there, which was perfect for running and not too bad for being inside in meetings most of the time. I ended each run at a bakery where I bought a breakfast sandwich and cappuccino. The sandwich was amazing, thick German bread, lettuce, cheese, salami, and the best part is they butter the bread.

IMG_1003 IMG_0997