gait: Cville training week 5

This week the training has started to actually feel like training. My midweek runs increased over three miles and the weather isn’t cooperating.

Monday: 3.3 miles, The plan called for 3 miles at an easy pace and one mile at a faster pace. My stomach was not cooperating and when I got to the faster pace I had to stop.

Tuesday: 6 miles, 2 warm up, 3 with increasing speed (peak pace of 8:30 for the middle mile) and 1 mile cool down. I got dressed to head outside for a midday run (working from home today) and then I looked out to see snow/rain mix coming down. So I chickened out and put on shorts and a tank top and went down to the treadmill. Which wasn’t so bad.

Wednesday: 3 easy miles on the treadmill. My headphones died after mile one but had a surprisingly large amount of energy to finish the run. Then I did one round of the Crafty Runner’s arm workout.

Thursday: Schedule called for cross training… but I didn’t really. A little stretching in the morning is all I achieved.

Friday: 3 miles around the neighborhood. It was pretty cold, but I knew it would be worse on Saturday so I decided to brave it so I don’t have all of my runs on the treadmill.

Saturday: 8 miles bright and early on the treadmill. It was in the single digits and we had some snow overnight.


Sunday: Rest day but we did get a few miles in walking around the city.


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