gait: Cville training week 2

Monday: 3 miles: 2 @ easy pace, 1 @ faster pace

Tuesday: 5 miles: 1 warm up, 3 miles of intervals (3 min fast, 2 min recovery), 1 cool down

Wednesday: Cross training day, I did a weight lifting plan designed by my sister, I lifted a little heavier than my usual 5-10 lb dumbbells and felt plenty sore the following two days.

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: 3 miles outside before the Blizzard started, it was a cold run on very salty surfaces. It was supposed to be two at easy pace, with a faster finish, which I think I did just because I was cold and wanted to get home.

Saturday: 5 miles at an easy pace. I ran them on the treadmill due to the blizzard going on outside. The first time I went down to the gym there were three women looking rather comfortable on the only treadmills in our building. I did some ab work while I waited, but as it seemed they were getting in their long run I left and came back in the afternoon. Five miles go by fast when you are watching people and animals try to brave a snowstorm out the window.

Sunday: Sunday was a scheduled rest day, but with 22 inches of fresh snow on the ground I had to get out and check it out and visit some friends. We ended up walking about 9 miles in the snow, which turns out it is rather exhausting. I woke up with slightly sore legs today.

Total miles: 16


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