Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone has a day full of family, thankfulness, and pie! 


Brian and I painted our Halloween pumpkin with chalkboard paint then used chalk markers to remind us what Thanksgiving is all about. It turned out well, but I’m not sure how it would work if we were planning on changing the message every day. 


make: geometric napkins

I found a pack of 12 white cotton napkins at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $10. I thought it was a good deal and might be another good surface for some fabric paint. I decided to try out the paint markers on them. The paint markers came in lots of pretty colors but I went with the teal. I did the grid napkin first and thought about doing four gird napkins, but in different colors. Then I thought about doing them all the same, but I finally decided on doing something different on each napkin but in the same color. I think they turned out ok. I see lots of imperfections, but each imperfection just adds to their uniqueness right?


Now the table is set and ready for the next dinner party.