make: key lime pie

I had some friends over for book club last week and one of my friends brought me a bag of fruit. Some pears and peaches and apricots, which were delicious. And then a bag of key limes. I’ve never bought key limes and wasn’t sure what to do with them other than make key lime pie. I did some internet research and found that all the recipes with key limes were a variation of pie. Little pies, pies in cupcake cups, pie pops… So I decided to just go with pie, full sized pie. 

 It took most of the limes I had (about 20) to squeeze a half cup of juice. Then it was pretty quick to whip the cream cheese, egg yolk, and sweetened condensed milk together. I bought a graham cracker crust so I wouldn’t have left over graham crackers that I would never use.  

 I made it after work so after baking for 18 minutes I only had a few hours to refrigerate before giving in and trying. I still thought it was delicious, but Brian has reported it is even better after a day of refrigerating. 



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