gait: running in Germany

I was in Germany for a few days for work. We don’t have much free time on these trips. I was in meetings from 9-7 both days and had working meals most of the time. So one way I get to see a little more of the city and get some exercise is to go for a run each morning. Since I was also battling jet lag I only did about 2.5 miles each day. I ran along the Rhine River on a very nice path that was much wider than the ones we have in the DC area. There was a clear area for bikes and a wide enough area for runners and walkers. The weather was a cool 55-65 degrees the whole time I was there, which was perfect for running and not too bad for being inside in meetings most of the time. I ended each run at a bakery where I bought a breakfast sandwich and cappuccino. The sandwich was amazing, thick German bread, lettuce, cheese, salami, and the best part is they butter the bread.

IMG_1003 IMG_0997


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